The Naked Truth Bound in Scorn is a true crime story of a young mother whose nightmare began when she started dating a man who seemed like a perfect prince, but in reality, he was the most vile kind of a monster she could ever imagine.

Raye Dawn Smith married Mike Porter in April of 2005. Porter hid his true identity in the shadows and according to the police and the District Attorney, he sexually assaulted and murdered Raye Dawn's daughter, Kelsey Smith-Briggs while Raye was away from the home on October 11, 2005.

Raye could not protect her daughter from an unknown pedophile. She's serving 27 years for not knowing.

Find out what else she didn't know...

Mike Porter, charged with sexual assault and murder, took a plea for enabling child abuse at what some say was the request of Kelsey's paternal family members.

A judge's career came to a crashing halt when he made a decision in the best interest of Kelsey Smith-Briggs, which coincided with the tragic death of Kelsey. His professional abilities and judgment were questioned when the public was deceived about the facts surrounding the case and his decision. He published a book to explain his decision to the community, which helped them begin to see inside the facade of the paternal family's claims as they started to crumble.

Jody Ortiz edited the judge's book and saw the injustice. She spoke out against the wrongful conviction of Raye Dawn Smith and helped to break away the facade created by certain members of Oklahoma's media and the paternal family of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. In advocating against what Ortiz believed was an injustice, Ortiz has, in turn, suffered from mental and verbal abuse, cyber stalking, tampering with her personal e-mails, attempts to destroy her business, threats of violence, bullet holes in her truck, a home burglary, false accusations, and the harassment of her friends. 

Find out what else she has uncovered that the public has not heard...

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Introducing the second book in the series entitled: Bashboard Bullies.

Bashboard Bullies

When a two-year-old child was murdered while home alone with her new stepfather in a small Oklahoma town, blind rage toward the child’s mother and her entire family spread throughout the state. The media coverage was intense as stories of a war hero and doting grandmother made the headlines.

Despite multiple gag orders, one side found a way to blatantly express their opinions and sealed documents were leaked to the press, while the other side followed the rules and remained silent.

Oklahomans got an earful of the off-balance story and they were hooked. As time passed without any public argument against the story that had been created, the details surrounding the case became contorted, as a seething hate caused pitchforks to be raised against one person, and then another, and so on. The witch-hunt claimed multiple victims who sat defenseless against the growing mob that hid their true agenda and actions from the general public.

As the campaign stage for a conviction was being played out under Oklahoma media’s spotlight, behind the curtain and in secret shadows the tale of true hate was acted out.

The “Bash Board Bullies” have continually changed form and venue, but their words and actions on the Internet are driven by a hate so strong that it’s still claiming victims six years after the child’s death.

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Kelsey Smith Briggs

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I received the book today, I can't put it down, I'm already a quarter of the way through...congrats on an AMAZING BOOK"

"O Jody, I think that is great!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to read the WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW...."

"I am reading your book and you have done a great job on it!!!"

"I can't put it down!"

"[I]t is such a comprehensive read! Excellent book Jody!"

"just to let you know jody what a fantastic book i couldnt put it down so refreshing to read finally a book that tells the truth, the whole truth, to let you know anyone who has been looking on web sites about Kelsey and there are a lot of sites out there, if you want to save reading lots of fabrication and untruths about... what happened to Kelsey read this from begining to end a wonderful account of facts and the honest truth well done jody ,this isnt about a slagging match unlike other books, its about a person condemed for daring to speak out in the name of justice, your family im sure are really proud of you love to you and all who seek the truth, this book is a light shining for all who have been wrongly acused, the light will lead to the truth,xxxxxx"




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